Google PPC Ads service in Anand

Google ADS PPC Agency in Anand

Do you want massive traffic and boost your sales? In that case, Google has its own Advertising platform to Run Ads and get Quality Customers. Pay-per-click Means someone clicks on your advertising—that time, your money dept from the account. Search engine optimization is Required for brand and sales. Still, it will take time for the website to rank in google and desirable traffic. 

Why do we suggest Google P.P.C. Ads on behalf of Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads target all audiences if they don’t search for particular terms. Example like Digital marketing course but who knows They Done already course or have digital consultancy and search for knowledge. Facebook targets All Audiences, so it’s hard To Find Quality Leads. You reach more people but not Quality people. Behalf of Google Ads They Show Results if someone particular searches for your service or product. 

Google Advertise Service Types

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Video Ads
  4. Shopping Ads
  5. App Ads
  6. Smart Ads
  7. Local Ads
  8. Discovery Ads

How We plan Google P.P.C. Advertise service

  • We Analyze your website And find the best keyword Related to your brand service or product. We use popular Tools For keyword research like Semrush, Ubbersuggest, and Ahref.
  • Banner Design Is an essential part of Advertising. We hire Experience Graphic design that makes Eye-catching creative for Advertising.
  • Competitor Analysis is more important. We Check what competitors Do and how they get more leads. We implement it for better results also Avoid competitor mistakes that Affect our brand.
  • Create Google Ads Account and Add Required Amount of money.
  • Create Campaign Targets particular required demography like age, gender, location, device, and more and remove negative keywords like free, low-cost, etc.
  • Run Advertise Then Analyze Result improve that And use A/B testing for more Quality lead and more.

Strategy planning

Optinmark is best ppc agency in Anand our team find best keyword for your product and service then check your Quality Ads ratio. We are Running Ads with Remarketing So you get better result we have expert that run ads from 5+ year.

Website AudiT

We Find and Analyze your website its mobile friendly or conversion friendly or not. Then Optimize for it.

Audience targeting

We target Your Audience After research your competitor demography So you get more conversion.


People Buy your product if they show your brand many times online. Retargeting Is heart Of PPC Ads Never miss it.


Most frequent questions and answers

Google has Their Own advertising platform where You can Run Advertise and Get more customers online with a Bid strategy on Any keyword Regarding your service/product.

If you Ask Charge is Around the Highest charge is 120 INR For one Ad (The actual Average cost of 32 INR ApproxPPC BBid ) but You did not say that confidently it depends on the keyword and Your Advertise Quality.

We did not Actually Say yes/no because it depends on your service/product keyword and Searchesvolume. Investing in Google Ads is one of the best investments for the business.

SEO is time taking process to optimize your website on page activity off-page( link building) It takes too much time to rank higher on Google. PPC ADS Gives you instant results within a Day.

yes, We recommend you to invest in PPC because the latest survey result shows that 45% of Small businesses invest and survive because of google ads.

There is no limit to the budget you can invest as much as you wish. But our suggestion is to invest 10k+ In starting then We optimize your budget for lower Cost per click.

Get Lead Faster Then SEO