Social media marketing in Anand

Social media marketing Agency in Anand

Social Media Marketing (S.M.M.) is mainly used for Branding purposes, and of course, you get your customers from that platform. Branding is a more critical factor. People listen to your name and show your logo on social media; it builds trust. As per Our team survey, 85% of people Check Social media presence before buying any service or product from any website. So you need to make your brand Visible online on All leading social media platforms. 

There are two primary types of social media marketing: organic(free) and the second one is In-organic(paid). 

Organic social media means we post your product information, reviews, testimonials, and other Stuff on social media for getting Quality leads and converting into customers. In-organic means Advertising. Ads are the fastest way to get a lead without wasting time. Organic takes 2 – 3 Months to get Leads and in-organic, you find Quick results. Hence, nowadays, all businessmen choose both options for their brand, For Good Return on Invest.

Which Platform Suit your business

Optinmark Manage Main 5 platform on social media is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest. There are two types of parts on social media first one is the primary. The second one is secondary means if you have a product. Regarding Young ladies, we select your first primary platform, Instagram. As per our experience, Young ladies choose to spend more time on Instagram than on another platform. Business to the Business situation: We consider Linkedin or Twitter their primary platform because there is a Quality platform.

Social media Strategy we use

  • Account Creation (if you don’t have)
  • Social media Audit Report
  • Research & contain creation
  • Hashtag Research (30 For 1Post)
  • Caption Writing
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Story Calendar
  • Poll Calander
  • Reporting

Social Media marketing Funnel

  • Attract :

We create content that Attracts your Audience As per the Required demography (Age, gender, location, Device) and posts daily containing Research with 30 Hashtags in 1 Post. Your post Reach more people worldwide. We create a 30Day social media calendar, so more people Engage with your Account make more Brand Awareness. 

  • Build A Relationship :

People Find your brand and follow you after Engaging your specific posts like your industry update, Tips, Meme, and using more content types. If you do not engage with your brand people, leave your Account and join with competitors to engage them with Products we post polls, Answers, Questions, etc. Activity through.

  • Convert to Client :

We post daily Attract and Build relation posts after people know your brand and increase your Engagement ratio. We publish a testimonial of your happy client, so people trust and last but not least call to Auction to your Audience, so they buy your service or product.

This Social media marketing funnel plays a significant role To convert your lead into a customer. Many Digital marketing Agencies fail in social media because They only post, do not make Awareness in people, or build a relationship.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Social media Marketing Platform

  • Facebook Marketing

If I ask you to have an account on Facebook? You think I ask foolish Questions. Facebook has a 2.91 Billion Active Account. You use it for enjoyment, but if you use it for Advertisement purposes, Facebook advertising is the cheapest option for small businesses. Facebook have Their own business manager where you can Run Ads according to your target audience, so Why wait for That? Ask us for a free 15Min consultant And Apply for a Free Quotation.

  • Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a platform Where people spend time Watching Reels and Images. You know I.G. has 1.386 billion users. When you watch Reels and Show Some image they have Write Sponsored below or above in it means Advertising Instagram have highest Young Generation Active user if your product has Related young girl, so you need to definitely use Instagram Advertisement so don’t Think more Ask us how we boost your sale

  • LinkedIn B to B marketing

If you have a product or service Regarding business, LinkedIn has the best platform for companies to business. There are 750 Million+ professional Accounts linked. You can target a particular business owner, co-founder, Jobseeker, and many more Related to your service. So don’t wait for Opportunity to create It.

  • YouTube campaign

Every people know YouTube 2nd the biggest search engine or video-sharing platform. YouTube has 2 Million+ Daily Active users, and if your brand is not available on YouTube, you make the biggest mistake. YouTube has Designed its platform for All people like kids, adults, and young You can Run Your campaign target Audience and get Desirable Results. Also, Make a video, and we Rank your video (SEO), so Don’t Wait to Ask For a Quotation. It’s FREE!

  • Twitter marketing

Do you think that is why most politicians and celebrities use Twitter? Not Facebook or another platform to post. Twitter has the Highest Reach of a single post compared to another social media platform. You Reach more accounts in a single post than on Another Platform. We create Social media calendar post-Daily Content So Aware brand, and you get Sales.

Ask us for a Quotation. It’s Free.

Strategy planning

We Create your account on all social media If you have Account so we Audit and find why They don’t SEO. We create contain, Hashtag, Caption that Help you grow Your Customer.

Account Audit

We create your Social media present. If they already have so we find problem Why they don’t Rank.

Content Research

We Find Unique Content for 30 Day post also We Research on Hashtag (30 Hashtag for 1 post)

Social media calendar

We post Unique containt That give you new follower, Engage your old-one all Convert your Audience into Customer.


Most frequent questions and answers

Social media marketing means Online marketing, Social media Platform with Daily Posting Content, and Running Ads For getting new followers And Engaging old ones, then Convert them into sales.

Social Networks
Social News
Bookmarking Sites
Media Sharing
Community Blogs

Social media marketing is promoting your brand on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Platforms. Organic and In-organic Way.

There Are many types of social media platforms and According to users, we select your social media platform. We choose the Primary platform for business (get lead) and another for branding.

If your Audience Young Generation and Female so you go with Instagram. If your audience is Alltype of gender so go with Facebook.

It depends on your business and Brand strategy Find Quality Customer For You Don’t worry Here we sitting For You Ask For free consulting.

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