Successful SEO link Building strategy

best Top secret and successful strategy for SEO link building for a beginner in 2023

 SEO is a process to get more visitors online and sell your product and service, and Here I am sharing the best top-secret and successful strategy for SEO link building for a beginner.

  Why SEO is necessary, in SEO, we help to rank your website in any location in Any keyword, so when people search regarding your product or service, you appear higher in the google search engine, and you get Quality leads.

  On-page SEO is a one-time process where you improve every single page of the website and change the website structure according to google.

   Backlink means to vote. More votes you receive from High authority sites will increase your website Ranking in Google, but before you take a single vote, read the guidelines below that help you in your SEO link-building strategy.

  You need to take many links from relevant sites if you are a site owner. You can generate links from social media, content writing, Guest blogging, and many other link-building campaigns.

  First, You need to internal link your website. Where you can connect every page with another page of your website, other names of internal linking are inbound links.

  The second step is to link outside your website by guest posting, where you post an article and get backlinks for There (Referral link). Here below, I am sharing some essential detail of the outbound link.

Type of Website SEO links (link building)

Lost Link: 

Remove Your Website links from Another site

Broken link: 

Remove Other website links from our website

Referring to the domain:

Take how many backlinks from a single website

Do-follow links

Gaining power and trust from another website

No-follow links 

not Receive Gaining power and confidence from another website

Spam score 

You need to check spamming website score by Moz.

Link Building Tips

What we check before taking a backlink

  • Spam score
  • Domain authority
  • Page Authority
  • Do-follow link
  • No-follow link

Types of the website where we take backlinks

Social media marketing

Blog commenting

classified websites

Q&A websites

Video sharing websites

Audit websites

Document sharing websites

URL shortener websites

Bookmarking websites

Image sharing websites

Business Directory

Infographics websites

Job portal websites

Review sharing websites

Press Release websites

Event sharing websites

 So, We check All the above points after On-page SEO so you get a better result. Optinmark Agency website Ranking in Anand, Gujarat means when you search Digital marketing agency in Anand, Gujarat our website appears on the first page of google. So, if you are a business owner or startup, you can contact us for a FREE website SEO audit where we can share the complete detail of your website and why your website is Not Ranking in google.

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